XOE Series

The XOE is part of our Performance Collection, with the Do-It-Yourselfer and smaller make-overs in mind. It provides customers the opportunity to employ XO quality and innovation to vent their kitchen without having to re-invent their kitchen.

Incredible Value Price Starts at $220!  

These models are Make Up Air compliant (MUA)

Features and Benefits:
350 CFM high velocity blower optimally removes Smoke, Grease and Odors
Sones Min to Max: 1.0 – 5.5
2 speed rocker switch controls
Two 50 W Halogen Lights – Provide brilliant illumination over the cooking surface
2 level lighting rocker switch control
Aluminum Mesh Filters – Trap airborne smoke and grease particles. They can be easily be removed for dishwasher-safe cleaning
Mounting Height from cooking surface 27″-32″

Duct Options and Electrical Requirements:
6 inch round can be converted to 3 1/4″ x10″ Top or Rear Venting
Ductless Option for applications where no ducting is available
AC 115v—60hz (4amp)

Optional recirculation kit available, use XORFK10 for Model XOE30

Product Description

Select the model you need: All XOE Models are 21″ deep x 5 3/4″ tall.

The XOE can be installed to comply with Sections 308 & 309 of ADA Guidelines – CLICK HERE to see instructions.

XOE30S 30″  1.0 – 5.5 350 CFM $240 download-pdf-icon download-pdf-icon
XOE30B 30″  1.0 – 5.5 350 CFM $220 download-pdf-icon download-pdf-icon
XOE30W 30″  1.0 – 5.5 350 CFM $220 download-pdf-icon download-pdf-icon